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We are a company of dedicated individuals providing video animation services to our clients. We can create video stories to attract your customers. We leave an imprint of your brand on your customers; to retain your products at their fingertips.

  • Do you want your brand to have a farther reach?
  • Do you have a complicated software and want to demonstrate its usage to your customers?
  • Are you finding it complex to explain your services to your target audience?

Video animation is the solution to your problems. At Plan Z, you will find a creative team to get the answers to your queries.


We can create animated demonstrations of your complex software. At Plan Z we have a team of well-qualified, skilled, and creative designers who will animate your brand. To assure updated working styles, we provide trainings of video production to our employees. Our team is ready to serve in every area, either photography, videography, motion graphics, or anything related to design.

Attract Immense Traffic and Increase Audience Engagement through our Video Production Service

We have different offers and packages for creating animations. We will deliver our animation services to your business; to attract your customers and promote your brand.

Video Animation offers promised Return on Investment

Your brand can speak through animations. Visual representation will create a lasting effect on your target audience. Animations are attractive and engaging; they are a perfect element to be shared on different social media handles. With the correct marketing strategy, video animation can define your business statements, reflecting you on various market platforms.  

Online video already accounts for more than 75% of all online traffic.

Simply putting the word “video” in subject lines in drives 19% higher open rates.

Videos embedded on landing pages increase conversions by 80%.

4X as many customers prefer to watch videos on products than just read about them.

Video Production Service

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Our Procedure

We follow a step-by-step approach to create your desired animation. Initiating with introspecting your brand, we gather information to target your requirements. Do you already have any idea in your mind? Are you struggling to turn that into reality? We will assist you in creating a visual representation of the concept and turning it into finished products.

We will start by creating a script of videography.

Storyboarding the Script

As soon as you approve the script, storyboarding will be our next step. Here, the ideas are modified and flourished for video animation. This step includes selection of color scheme, animated characters, the background, motion of characters, audio, narration, etc. The video is revised shot by shot to have a clear perception of the end product.


The process needs to have a touch of customization to connect it with your brand. For that, we implement your suggestions in the animation process. We make the animation personalized to give it a unique look and reflect your brand.

Final Product

Our creative teams are experts in various design tools and software, including Adobe Creative Cloud, After Effects, and other professional software. Using relevant software, designers synchronize the characters with voiceover/narration, music, actions, etc. We assemble the animation considering every requirement. We add your brand identity. The complete formation of the illustration takes nearly 4-6 weeks. However, that is subject to change as per the nature and size of the video.

Putting Your Animations to Work

At Plan Z, we offer a host of custom video products that propel your brand to the forefront of industry conversations.

Descriptive Videos

Reading the manuals is considered boring and time consuming. To be familiar with a product, customers prefer to have descriptive videos that explain the products’ usage. Providing information of the product through video animation can retain it in the customer’s mind. Also, it makes the product attractive. It creates ease for the clients to consume the product. We, at Plan Z, develop short and long explainer videos for your brand. Our designers skillfully form animations that will carry comprehensive instructions.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation, as the name reflects, is similar to someone teaching you physically. It is a process in which the author physically and also records an illustrated story. Whiteboard animation offers the chance to create engaging animated videos with narration/voiceover. They are the best option if you want to create educational videos, informational or storytelling videos, how to dos, etc. Plan Z will provide you whiteboard animation service through the hands of our proficient designers.

Product Marketing

Imagine a conversation with a sales representative describing the application of any product. It is time taking for the customer as well as for the salesperson. Video animation gives a virtual visualized experience to the customers, sticking them to screens. You can conveniently share the videos on social media. To deliver a good customer service experience, we offer you services of video animation. Through video animation, you can promote your product to the masses on various social media platforms.

Animated Demonstrations

Through animated demonstrations, you can capture your clients’ and customers’ attention. You can highlight sophisticated details by using animated web demonstrations. Now you can easily describe your customers about your complicated software. Plan Z will design appealing demos to describe your complex software or products in a step-by-step manner, giving a user-friendly experience.

3D and Hybrid Video

3D videos are a great way to portray your product to your customer. Its sharp and fine effects will promisingly captivate your client. Plan Z delivers 3D animation video services, guaranteeing intricate details without compromising on the quality. To define your best to the customers, we need to be familiar with the latest tricks in the arena of 3D video animation. Hence, our experts are well-trained under the best instructors to handle the latest 3D technologies. Your client will never forget your product style after experiencing 3D videos.

Video Production Service

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