9 Free Business Tools for Startups

Starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is one of the toughest tasks in the business world. Therefore, to make your job easier we have complied a list of simple and free business tools that you can use to better organise your workplace. These tools will help you optimise the growth of your business in all aspects such as team management, communication, financial tasks, task automation etc. We have compiled a thorough list of internet applications and forums that can assist you in managing your business.

1. TaskQue

It’s crucial for all businesses to have a marketing and sales department; the marketing and sales team has a lot of tasks which can lead to disorganisation. TaskQue can help you organise, assign and track tasks given to the entire team on one platform. Business owners can run their business systematically.

 2. Buffer

Social Media marketing is an incredible tool to give a necessary boost to startups but managing all social media accounts together can be a hassle; Buffer is a free web based application that helps you connect all your social media accounts, moreover you can share posts and schedule things for later.  

3. Canva

Canva is the perfect tool to visually optimise the content that you’re showcasing to the world. It’s convenient for creating images in order to make your website, emails and social media content attractive enough to gain engagement. Moreover you can even design your portfolios, resumes, brochures etc. which are mandatory tools for any entrepreneur.  

4. Grasshopper

Communication is key even in employer-employee relationship- productivity level will be at it’s highest when everyone is well aware of their tasks and deadlines. Grasshopper is an application that helps companies pick their own customised number and extensions to create a better alternative for communication. This tool helps you get your own free landline or toll number for multiple extensions.  

5. Doodle

Scheduling meetings and working hours can be a hassle for entrepreneurs, therefore “Doodle” is an excellent web application designed to simplify the scheduling process. It allows multiple time slots for everyone to pick and choose from at their own convenience.  

6. Evernote

Ever-note enables entrepreneurs to jot down notes whenever they want to on their phones. It even has useful tools that help capture articles, photos, documents and attach them to your notes- you can create structured notes during client meetings or while designing business strategies at the tip of your finger.  

7. Sender

Sender is a free marketing tool that you can use to create impressive newsletters for your email transactions. It does not require HTML knowledge and is extremely convenient for someone looking to turn their small startup into something big!  

8. SendPulse

Customer dealing is an essential part of any business and the best way to display your professionalism. SendPulse helps you create customised emails that you can schedule to be automatically sent to your subscribers. It also figures out the right time by studying the subscriber’s behaviour through triggers and other variables.

9. Wave

Business, whether big or small, revolve around finances and if the business owner isn’t intelligent about handling financial matters, that could significantly harm the business. Wave is a free application that will free you from excel sheets and help you maintain transparent record of your bank transactions such as: invoicing, monetary record, income, billing etc. With “Wave” you can run your business smoothly without having to stress about the finances!  

Not Convinced?

If all of this feels like a hassle then read our blog on the benefits of hiring a marketing agency, your work will be done for you and on your command.
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