Tips for Creating Professional Email Signatures

Drafting a professional email requires perfection. You need to ensure that the body content, subject line, introduction, as well as the signature are free of errors. Yes, you read that right, even the signature has to perfect and it is considered to be an essential element of an email. However, this important aspect is overlooked by most senders. Having an email signature highlights your credibility and gives off a professional sense to your email.

In addition to this, email signatures are also believed to be a powerful branding tool, which allows you to further personalize your email. In this way, you can create a strong first impression on the recipient. So, if you want your clients to take your brand seriously and respond to your emails, then this is the perfect time to develop a professional email signature. We have listed tips that can help you in understanding the components that should be added and the elements that have to be excluded from your signature.

How Can You Create A Professional Email Signature?

The steps mentioned below can help you in ensuring that your email looks professional with the help of your email signature.

Keeping It Simple

You need to ensure that your professional email signature consists of all the important as well as relevant information. In addition to this, the optimal length of the signature has to be around 3-4 lines. Exceeding the signature can come off an unprofessional as it would include unrelated information. The basic structure that your signature should follow has been outlined below:

  • Your Name
  • Job Title along with the name of the company (or a website) with a hyperlink
  • Phone number

Keeping it simple is better because a lot of information in the signature can distract the receiver and they might miss the important information. Furthermore, it can look like a spam to the recipient. Hence, the key is to keep it short and only include relevant information. The rest of the data can be accessed by going to the website of your company. So make sure you add the hyperlink of your website.    

Moreover, you should only provide one contact information in the email signature because adding too many contacts can confuse the client. You need to provide most seamless option to your client for reaching out to you! For this purpose you can use the feature launched by Plan-Z Creatives in order to create a personalized email signature.  We have also added a photo of the sample and you can get an idea about how you can create your signature with their new feature. We have discussed this feature below in detail.   

Add a Photo

Personalizing your products or emails became the number 1 marketing trend during 2018. Your customers want to know your company as they support you and they want to feel known and recognized in return. So if you want to personalize your email signature, then you include your picture in it. No, it doesn’t look unprofessional. Instead, it gives off a professional look and enhances the credibility of your company or your email. Some of the major requirements of adding the photo are that it should be a photo of you, has to be high-quality, as well as clear. However, if you don’t feel like adding your photo in the email, you can include the logo of your company. Although this doesn’t personalize your email in the same way, but it increases band awareness.  

Consider Including an Animated GIF

You can also make a colorful impression by using GIFs in your email signature. If you include this feature in your email signature, you will be able to grab the attention of your recipient. This is the new way for making your signature look catchy and innovative. However, not every program or email service has this option and most companies block GIF files. This depends on the internal security. Hence, animated GIFs are considered to demonstrate the creativity of the company and can gain the attention of the customer.  

Include Links to Social Profiles

It is important for your business to integrate social media into your email marketing strategy. As we already know that the top preference of communication of Generation Z is social media. So if you want your customers to reach out to you then you can encourage them by including links to your social media profile. However, you need to make sure that your profile is professional. In addition to this, it should also be an extension of your professional persona. For this reason, you shouldn’t post controversial or offensive materials. You should remember that it is important to use social media platforms for building the brand and not for ruining it. Furthermore, only link your social media profile if you are using it frequently. As you’re providing an alternate source of communication, so if you don’t use a certain social media platform, then don’t add the link.  

Additional Tip: Remove “Sent From My iPhone”

A few years ago, professionals believed that the phrase, “Sent from my iPhone” could result in increasing CTR. They thought that it allowed the sender to establish a successful image of the company. However, times have changed and the use of iPhone isn’t exclusive. Hence, the use of this phrase can feel impersonal and hasty. So you should make sure that when sending an email, you remove this phrase if you’re using your iPhone.   

Include a Call-To-Action Button

Adding a call-to-action aspect is believed to be an important tool for your marketing strategy. With the help of this button, you should be able to convince your clients that they should act here and now. You can do this by inviting them to read your blog, book appointment, learn more, and to make a call. In addition to this you can mention the action that should be taken by the client. If you have a clear message, your clients will not think twice before clicking the button.  In this way, you will be able to drive CTR and also reach your campaign goals.   

Ensure using professional fonts and color schemes

If you want to use colors in our email signature, then there’s no harm in using some colors. However, you need to make sure that you follow the overall color scheme of your brand. Furthermore, you also need to make your email signature clickable, readable, as well as clean. If you don’t have artistic abilities, then you should give this task to a professional designer for achieving optimal results.  

Plan-Z Offers Email Signature Feature    

Plan-Z is among the few companies that have introduced the feature of creating your own email signature. We understand the need of having a professional email signature and how it impacts your credibility. We believe that having a signature allows your customers to take you seriously because you give off strong professional vibes. With the help of our email signature feature, you can create   one without any hassle. You just need to visit our website and select a template. After this, you can create your signature within a matter of a few seconds. You only have to follow the simple steps mentioned above to make your email professional. You never knew that composing a professional and building your client’s trust would be this easy!    

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