Facts and Figures of Digital Marketing for 2022 – Revealed


Creating strategies and running campaigns, you watch yourself hustling every minute for your business growth. Although it’s all going well, you desire the best for your brand. This makes you wonder about what your competitors are doing. “Are you leveraging digital marketing services?”, you ask yourself.

Certainly, the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur is to have sufficient online visibility and lead generation. This continues further to making conversions and retaining customers. Hence, the internet has a wide listing of digital marketing strategies to help young and new entrepreneurs. However, some follow them better than others.

But how can you determine your level of effective digital marketing?

To answer this, we’ve prepared a list of facts and figures regarding digital marketing services. By the end of this blog, you’ll know how the businesses around you are growing and what’s working best for them. Eventually, you’ll be able to recognize the place where your business stands today. So, here you go.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • When comparing organic social media and SEO, the latter drives 1000%+ more traffic to the websites. So, never underestimate the power of SEO.
  • It has been observed that about 64% of digital marketers spend a good amount of time in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hence, it isn’t harmful to work for a bit longer on your SEO tactics.
  • The search engine is the source of starting 93% of online interactions. Therefore, your efforts to rank higher in the SERPs won’t go to waste.
  • At least 2 trillion searches are done on Google every year. This adds to the fact that you should learn more about Google algorithms, implement careful SEO practices and get ready to rank higher in the SERPs on Google.
  • So, if you feel a lack in your SEO strategies, don’t hesitate in contacting the Plan Z marketing group. We will be happy to add our SEO expertise to your business.

Content Marketing:

  • It has been recorded that 78% of companies have already hired a team of 1 to 3 content experts. Hence, it is crucial to have at least 1 content strategist in your team. However, it is recommended to grow the number over time.
  • Blogs are considered to be among the three primary forms of media that are used in content marketing strategies. This is the reason that the majority of websites have a blogs page to display updated content related to the website niche.
  • Creating blogs under the four categories can increase their success rate. These categories are how-tos, guides, lists, and Q/As. Therefore, it would be best to have a few blogs from each category to maintain the interest of your audience.
  • The internet has over 500 million blogs. This reflects the need of creating engaging blog posts to stand ahead of the curve.
  • As per the above facts, if your content marketing is effective enough then you’ll reach your desired level of success soon.

Social Media Marketing:

  • Facebook is being used by 8 million entrepreneurs for advertisement. Surprisingly, the majority of them are small and medium-sized business owners. This confirms that leveraging the Facebook marketing area is one of the best ways to upscale your business.
  • Traffic to online stores through social media has increased by 100%. Hence, having your website-related social media accounts and pages can boost your leads.
  • B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn after Facebook. Hence, it is the second-most popular social media platform. Moreover, it is considered to be the goldmine of opportunities and works best for professionals.
  • 34.5% of customers reach out to social media for customer care services. So, if you want happy clients then 24/7 availability on social media is the key.
  • So, are you efficiently managing your social media accounts? If you need any help regarding social media marketing then feel free to reach us at Plan Z. Believe me! Our digital agency services will be the best match for your marketing requirements.

Video Production:

  • According to 87% of video marketers, videos have helped them greatly in increasing the traffic to their website. This huge percentage can be justified with the following fact.
  • 66% of customers are more inspired by the videos than by the written content. As the goal is to convert leads, focusing on video production can help in generating revenue.
  • 80% of marketers are in the favor of video content as they claim that it has proved to be a direct mode of increasing sales. So, investing in video production won’t hurt your business at any cost.
  • You can increase your sales by more than 80% by displaying a video on your website landing page. So, adjust a section on your landing page for adding a video element. It will offer a quick trip around your business to the visitors.
  • Amazed by the above facts? Then let’s create a corporate video for your brand. Visit our video production experts today!

Mobile-Friendly UI:

  • 81% of the total population have cell phones. Hence, it’s important to have a responsive website.
  • 51% of customers now prefer mobile phones to search for new products and brands. This imposes stress on having a responsive website for increased visibility.
  • 88% of consumers don’t visit your website again due to an unpleasant user experience. Therefore, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll lose your customers. In the other case, you’ll have more happy clients.
  • Considering all online sales, over half of them are done through cell phones. Neglecting the responsiveness of your website will result in an unwanted decrease in your overall sales.
  • Hence, in light of the above facts, a responsive website is an important factor in your digital marketing journey. Now, if you don’t have a responsive website then this isn’t a big deal. The Plan Z marketing group will create an appealing and responsive website for you that’ll facilitate more conversions. Reach out to us today!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

  • A lead generation form has an average of 11 fields. Exceeding the number of fields may drive your customers away. Because no one likes to have a bombardment of questions on them.
  • You are likely to have 42% more visitors with personalized call-to-actions (CTAs). So, think out of the box instead of creating simple CTAs like click here or subscribe.
  • Asking for a phone number isn’t encouraged. You can either ask for their email or turn the phone number field optional.
  • Conversion rates are highly affected by the first five seconds of the website loading time. Hence, it is important to optimize the speed of your website as your customers won’t appreciate long hours of waiting.
  • Therefore, it would be best to implement the CRO practices for making more conversions and generating revenue. If you want to buy our service Click Here.

Email Marketing:

  • 4 billion people use emails daily. Hence, the chances of reaching customers increase through email marketing.
  • It is observed that people check their email about 15 times in a single day. Hence, your customers are likely to receive and open your email.
  • 35% of marketers prefer sending 3 to 5 emails to their customers every week. This estimate will help you in optimizing the number of emails that you send to your consumers.
  • According to the records, people often open their emails or unsubscribe from them on Tuesdays. Therefore, you can try sending emails on Tuesdays for better reach.
  • If you have any questions regarding email marketing or other digital marketing services, please feel free to visit our website. Moreover, click on the link to try creating a professional email signature.


Digital marketing services have helped businesses around the world in various ways. Be it branding, lead generation, making sales, or customer retention, you’ll be assisted by your digital agency in all aspects. However, to stand out in the crowd, you need to stay updated with the new digital techniques while learning more about the existing ones. I believe that after reading the above facts and understanding the statistics, you would have assessed your current position in the market.

However, if you have any further queries then please visit our creative agency for more digital marketing assistance and services.

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