9 Ways to Create Professional Website Design that Stands Out


The design of your website explicitly represents your brand or business. It indicates the level of professionality that you acquire. From the overall look to the little details, every element in your website counts.

However, different brands have varied motives. Moreover, their preferences are also affected by their personal choice of colors, fonts, etc. That’s where they look for custom website design services to get their desired results.

Indeed, website designing is a skill but website builders don’t require skilled professionals. Hence, to help you as a brand, listed below are some ultimate ways to create a professional business website design.

Choose the most suitable way, build your website and get leads. We aim at helping you to attract more and more customers.

HTML/CSS – Custom Code:

The very first approach to design a website is by using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). However, this will require professional coding skills and a good understanding of the website structure. Also, you’ll need to define logic and implement the right functions to display all the elements perfectly.

Although, you might feel it difficult but it is intended to provide truly amazing results. Here, you are free to add, edit or delete whatever elements you want. You are not bound to follow a particular template structure. Instead, you can create a unique layout design that makes your website stand out.

Surprisingly, Plan Z is offering professional website design services through pure coding. So, let’s discuss your project to determine if our services are the right match for your brand.

WordPress – All-Rounder:

WordPress is a Content Management System that allows building websites without any coding skills. Hence, it offers the opportunity to design the interface of your website through drag and drop functionality. Meanwhile, the CMS generates the respective code files automatically in the background.

Certainly, there are tons of businesses who’ve chosen WordPress for creating their website designs. This is because it is quite flexible and comes with a huge collection of themes that are either free or paid.

So, if you are not tech-savvy and want to make any customizations in the future then WordPress is your thing. Moreover, meet our WordPress experts for exceptional WordPress development services.

Hire an expert today, make changes tomorrow!

Shopify – Online Store:

Shopify.com is a platform that allows you to build efficient e-commerce websites. It integrates the various payment gateways to facilitate the buying and selling process.

So, if you want to start an online business or elevate your existing business digitally then you can choose Shopify. Indeed, it is easy to use and contains a bundle of templates for creating attractive user interfaces. Also, if your products are ready and you can’t wait to make sales then order your Shopify website now.

Indeed, Plan Z experts are super-talented and can develop your e-commerce website shortly while fulfilling your custom website design needs. Interested? Then click to learn more about us.

Plan Z Websites – Your Final Stop:

Can’t you find enough time to build your website either by coding or through any CMS?

Well, we understand your struggles. Your business needs your time. Hence, you are quite occupied with the work. But that doesn’t mean delaying your website creation process.

Whatever your business type, we at Plan Z are providing professional website design services. Tell us about your preferred platform or leave the decision to us, we ensure you that your business website will stand out in the crowd.

So, learn more about our services and avail the ones that suit your needs the best. Scroll down on our WordPress development page to see our portfolio.

Wix – Quick Builder:

Wix is a website builder that facilitates your website creation process. You can now create a professional website design within an hour. Well, that’s quite a short time but it is real.

It provides you a user-friendly interface where you can build all kinds of websites efficiently. It’s somehow similar to WordPress. However, the only difference between the two is that Wix provides additional hosting and tech support.

So, if you want your design and hosting all in one place then Wix can be the best choice. Moreover, you can also use this quick builder to create websites for your clients as it won’t take much time. Plus, it’s an interesting job. This way, you can build a second source of income for you which is quite necessary these days.

1&1 IONOS – Be Professional:

IONOS by 1&1 is a platform that fulfills your need for a professional website design. It offers a complete package consisting of various services relating to your website.

However, IONOS is not a free platform but an agency that offers multiple services to build your professional identity. Hence, here you can get your domain, SSL certificate, and hosting, etc.

However, the prices may vary among different digital agencies. Take a trip to the industry before hiring a company for custom website design services. Click to get an estimate of your project by Plan Z.

Network Solutions – Go Easy:

Network Solutions is an IT service management company that aims at providing a bundle of technical services.

Moreover, the respective company’s website builder is super-easy and interactive. The efficient drag and drop feature makes it an exceptional choice for novice designers as well as the ones who aren’t familiar with coding.

So, do you have your website requirements ready? Or are you looking for a bit of expert advice before getting started? Then feel free to contact our Plan Z team.

Squarespace – Ultimate Templates:

Squarespace is a website builder that is known for its ultimate templates. The customizable templates let you create a custom website design that you’ve always dreamt of.

Hence, it gives you an opportunity of creating your website, adding your text or images, and customizing the layout. You don’t need to implement all the features of the template. Instead, you can keep only the ones that you like the most.

Indeed, creating your website wasn’t that easy before the introduction of the website builders like Squarespace.

GoDaddy – Go Advance:

GoDaddy is an advanced website builder that assists you in creating a professional website design for your business. It is quite easy to use. So, whether you want to build a simple website or a complex one, the respective platform allows you to build both efficiently.

However, the basic website builder is available free of cost. You can also try the premium features for giving your website a more advanced look and feel.

Check out their free tools and paid plans to discover if it’s the best fit for your brand.


In this digital era, having an attractive and professional website design is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. But you don’t need to worry when you have a good collection of website builders and digital agencies around. These tools and teams aim at providing you amazing website designs. You can either create one by yourself or hire a digital agency to get more professional results.

This list was created to give you an insight into the process of web designing. Also, we wanted to assure you that not being a coder doesn’t come with a huge loss at your business level.

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